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UK NEQAS ICC & ISH: 2018 Conference – Update.

The meeting has now been postponed. We are planning to hold a one day meeting later in the year. Details will be sent out when we have further news.


‘Cancer & the increasing role of slide based and molecular testing in the management of patient care’

We are pleased to announce that we will be holding a Summer Conference at the Tower Hotel, London over the weekend of June 22nd – 24th, 2018.

Draft topics:

Pre-analytics: (Fixation and decalcification)

Lung cancer: (Oncology, IHC, ALK, PD-L1, Multiplexing, ROS-1)

Digital pathology & breast cancer: (Slide scanning, IHC4, UK NEQAS assessment data, Novel image analysis systems)

GI Tract and Gynae pathology: (MMR/MI, Lynch syndrome, UK NEQAS participant experience MMR module)

Workshops: (PD-L1 for new and experienced users, Multiplexing IHC, scheme updates and news)

There is a pre-registration feedback form, please take time to return this as this will help us to tailor the meeting for your needs.