Lymphoma Run 111 Cyclin D1 NEQAS ‘L’ slide

Dear Colleague,
Re: Run 111 Lymphoma module Cyclin D1 NEQAS ‘L’ slide
We have just finalised the Run 111 lymphoma assessments (reports not yet released), and after carrying out an internal audit of participant scores, we have noted a higher than expected ‘unacceptable’ rate for the NEQAS distributed Cyclin D1 ‘L’ slides.
Even though the NEQAS samples were tested prior to distribution, it would appear that there may have been fixation issues with the samples, which had an adverse effect on those predominantly using the Leica Bond automated platforms.

Redistribution of replacement Cyclin D1 ‘L’ slides:

• We will be distributing a new set of Cyclin D1 slides for you to re-stain and send back for assessment. ALL participants should repeat the staining on the new batch of slides even if you do not use a Leica Bond automated platform
• The current lymphoma assessment will not be released until we have reassessed the new batch of samples.
• If we do not receive your slides back we will use the currently allocated score.

Handling of NEQAS slides:
• The NEQAS slides are unbaked
• Cut your in-house control onto the NEQAS slide as per online instructions
• Let the slides drain well before baking
• Bake slides (best practice is in a temperature controlled oven), either overnight at 37°C OR 1 hours at 60°C
• Carry out your normal Cyclin D1 protocol.
• Return slides back to NEQAS

Apologies for any inconvenience this has caused, but it is important that we assess your samples in a fair and uncompromised manner.

Yours faithfully
Merdol Ibrahim

Lymphoma Run 111 Cyclin D1 NEQAS ‘L’ slide