ROS1 IHC NSCLC Pilot: Run 126 Methodology

1. You have been provided with two duplicate slides labelled ‘ROS1 IHC Pilot’ comprising of 3 (A-C) formalin fixed, paraffin processed samples cell lines of known ROS1 IHC expression.

2. Demonstrate ROS1 IHC on one of the slides provided respectively (a duplicate spare slide is provided) using your routine diagnostic method and reagents.

3. In-house controls on NEQAS slides:

a. Cut your in-house control alongside the NEQAS samples then bake the slide (see diagrams below) and then then carry out your usual IHC procedure and send back your slide(s) for assessment
b. Bake the slide AFTER you have cut your in-house control onto the same slide. Make sure prior to staining that the slide is drained well, and then bake the slide at either 37°C overnight OR 55-60°C for 1 hour.

4. After processing, evaluate the IHC using your usual scoring system and place your result(s) in the appropriate fields in the web entry system below.

5. It is essential that you also provide the methodology used to process the slide.


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ROS1 IHC NSCLC Pilot: Run 126 Methodology