Neil Bilbe FIBMS

Operations Manager & Support Scientist

Neil is a BMS with many years’ experience in cellular pathology. He previously held the post of Quality Manager for UK NEQAS ICC & ISH from March 2009 – December 2013; during this time the scheme obtained CPA accreditation for the first time (2011). Neil also oversaw a subsequent CPA visit in 2013, where the scheme maintained its accreditation status. Neil then decided to take a break and leave UK NEQAS ICC & ISH.

On his return in April 2014 he assumed the role of Support Scientist. His role was further expanded in January 2019, when he added Operations Manager to his list of duties; this involves overseeing many of the administrative duties he previously carried out, allowing more time for scientific and scheme Management aspects of the position.

He currently provides support to the scheme in several areas, including: assessments, (with particular responsibility for the Cytology and Neuropathology modules), production of the e-Journal, website maintenance and support, and scheme audits. Neil has also co-ordinated and organised four successful Participant Meetings, the latest was held in September 2016.

Summary Roles

  • Lead assessor for Cytopathology and Neuropathology
  • Production of UK NEQAS ICC & ISH e-Journal
  • Maintenance and upkeep of UK NEQAS ICC & ISH public website
  • Overseeing of  some of the Admin staff and duties
  • Assisting with scheme documentation and audits
  • Organise Participant meetings
  • Validation of results, taking of slide images, creating reports for each EQA run.

Previous roles include: Head BMS in Histology at UCL Hospitals, during which time he was responsible for EQA, and a long-standing assessor for the CPT scheme.

To contact Neil: Tel: 0207 415 7181; Email: