Hattie Al-Kabi BSc (Hons) MIBMS

Quality Manager

Hattie joined UK NEQAS for ICC & ISH in February 2018 as the Quality Manger. Her role involves overseeing, maintaining and implementing the scheme’s Quality Management System (QMS), as well as providing support with the day-to-day running of the scheme. Her primary role is to plan, conduct and oversee regular audits of the QMS and working practices of the EQA scheme. Hattie liaises with the Training Officer, to implement in-house training programmes and competency assessments. She is also a support scientist and provides technical support in several modules and contributes to the e-Journal.

Hattie started her career in histopathology in 1991. Her former positions as a Biomedical Scientist at various grades have been within the NHS at a number of prestigious London teaching hospitals as well as world-renowned private institutions.

She has vast experience with trouble shooting in different IHC platforms.

Previous roles have been in Quality Management and Laboratory Management. In a previous role as a Quality Manager she led a transitioning project from a paper based to an automated QMS system and provided all staff with the necessary training.

To contact Hattie: Tel: 0207 415 7038; Email: hal-kabi@ukneqasiccish.org