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UK NEQAS ICC & ISH – Autumn Conference 2018

21st Century Slide Based Pathology & Molecular Diagnostics: From the Laboratory to the Patient.

UK NEQAS ICC & ISH is proud to announce our first weekend conference since the successful Windsor meeting in 2012.

Besides the exciting presentations and workshops organised by UK NEQAS ICC & ISH, we are fortunate to have a number of high level, excellent, sponsored sessions. Please see the Finalised Programme to view all the speakers, events, and workshop details.

Final Programme

For Registration and Accommodation details please go to:

N.B. Registration for the meeting does not include accommodation. You will need to Register for the meeting, and then arrange Accommodation; either through the Meeting Voice website pages, or you can book your own accommodation.

You will need to enter the codes below to go to the two separate conference pages.

Event Registration Code: UKNEQAS

Accommodation Code: NQROOMS